Cartridge Filter Media

We are the exclusive European stockist and partner for the World Renowned Izumi filter media company. We stock and supply the best selling G2260 (ATT260) range from mother rolls 2150mm wide – which we cut down to the widths our customers require. In addition we offer anti static coated media in the G2260 (ATT260) range which is ideal in areas such as flour mills where a build up of static electricity can be very serious.


Product description
White spunbond polyester. Rolls 300 linear metres; up to 210cm in width – but can be cut to the width required by the customer.

Manufactured using a proprietary synthetic fibre technology in Japan.

It gives a number of product benefits:

  • high mechanical strength;
  • low moisture/water retention;
  • good resistance to high and low temperatures – usage between -20 and 150°C;
  • superior dimensional stability – no shrinkage up to 150°C;
  • excellent weathering resistance;
  • outstanding air and moisture permeability;
  • good heat retention and insulation properties;
  • resistance to mold, insects and bacteria and excellent anti-corrosion properties;
  • exceptional chemical resistance; superior abrasion resistance with minimal fray at cut sections;
  • meets many food sanitation standards worldwide;
  • long rolls available; stable prices and supply.

ATT260 Anti Static

Product description
Spunbond polyester treated with aluminium. Rolls 300 lin m X210cm- but can be cut to the width required by the customer.

ATT 130 – recommended for gas turbines

Product description
This filter fabric is a synthetic polyester media with NANO coating ideal for gas turbine filters particularly in areas where air moisture levels are high (eg estuaries). The media is up to 150g/m² and can be roller pleated with pre and post heat treatment. Filtration permeability rating F9 offers greater than 70% efficiency to EN779 2012 (US equiv: ASHRAE-MERV 15).