Oven Gloves

We have for many years supplied Allied Bakeries’ semi disposable oven glove requirements. Our range of oven gloves or gauntlets are non-shedding and meet all your bakery health and safety standards. So, for example, we use a red thread to ensure that no loose thread is left in any food products, as well as pre heat treated non woven that ensures there are no loose fibres.

These gloves are designed as semi disposable items for staff working in the bakery industry. Product can be washed 3-6 times before disposal.The extra material in the gauntlet is designed to give extra protection to staff in their lower arms. The gloves are designed for continuous working up to 150°C, and for a limited period up to 200°C. The gloves are made from heat singed fibre locked needlefelt which prevents shedding. Also thread is red to ensure no foreign bodies enter the bakery process.

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