Our polishing felts are designed with your market in mind.

We recommend our wool felt discs in a range of densities for knife sharpening, flat glass, stones and wood. Then we offer our synthetic Spiral Felt for glass bevelling. Or, finally, we suggest a wool felt strengthened with fibre for marble polishing.

For common sizes the lead time is no more than 2/3 weeks, and minimum order quantities are small.

For more information you can “Ask an Expert” using our form on the right, or, order a sample of one of our most popular polishing felts below.

PF1 – Polishing felt

Product description Our black 3mm wool rich polishing felt is designed to give the best performance. The density is set at 0.34g/cm³ to make the material semi absorbent- able to hold a water based compound. The material is flexible to go round small rollers and it will, not stretch or shrink.

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Wool Felt with Fibre

Product description Wool felt with fibre, used for marble polishing.
Density: 0.48g/cm³
Thickness: 15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm
Standard outside diameter: 115mm/120mm/125mm/150mm/180mm
Double hole (most common size): 22/50mm double hole with OD 180mm using 20mm thick felt

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Spiral Felt

Product description Density: 0.48g/cm³. Thickness: 20mm to 50mm.

Outside diameter/Inside diameter – most common thickness:

  • 130mm/70mm – 25mm thick
  • 150mm/70mm – 25mm thick
  • 150mm/125mm – 25mm thick
  • 150mm/70mm – 40mm thick felt
  • 150mm/70mm – 35mm thick
  • 170mm/70mm – 25mm thick
  • 185mm/115mm – 25mm thick

Minimum Order Quantity: 15/20 pieces

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100% Wool Disc

Product description

  • Soft: 0.48g/cm3 – used for copper or aluminium polishing
  • Medium: 0.58/cm³ – biggest seller used for polishing glass steel and metals
  • Hard: 0.66g/cm³ – used for hard stones polishing

Thickness: 5mm to 100mm
Outside diameter: 150mm to 600mm
Inside diameter: minimum 10mm

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