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A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, allowing for joining of less than perfect surfaces on machine parts where there may be irregularities. Generally gaskets are used to prevent leakage from or into the joined surfaces.

At Anglo we offer a seal production service for most soft materials, up to 50x50cm and from 1 to 24mm thickness. We can also provide parts in a wide range of wool and polyester felts, as well as offering an adhesive backing service.

We have a wide selection of tools to provide the part you require, but for those who need something more specific we can offer your own unique seal for less than you might think, with tooling costs starting at £25 and a fast turnaround of 2-3 weeks from tool design to cutting.

For more information you can “Ask an Expert” using our form on the right, or, order a sample of our wool and polyester felts.