Felt Washers

Felt Washers

Anglo cut quality felt washers on site from both wool and polyester felts.

With a range of tools built up over 25 years, for washers with an outside diameter (OD) up to 685mm and an inside diameter (ID) down to 2mm, we can likely provide what you need. For those looking for a custom fitting, or who require their own tool, tooling costs can be as little as £25.

We stock wool felts from 1.5mm thick up to 25mm and densities from 0.13g/cm3 up to 0.4g/cm3 so we can cover most requirements.

With Lead times generally no more than 3 weeks (including tool manufacture) and a minimum order of £75 – we can supply what you need quickly, without breaking the bank.

For more information you can “Ask an Expert” using our form on the right, or, order a sample of our wool and polyester felts.