Interlining Fabric

Our interlining fabrics are mainly manufactured in the UK and are available in a range of weights from 20g/m² to 120g/m², roll sizes and lengths to suit your needs. We can also slit to size and shape on our range of presses and slitting machinery.

We recommend our interlining fabrics for clothing, curtains, sarille interlining, blackout interlining fabric and our iron–on interlinings for fusible interlinings and Buckram applications such as for hats.

You will find product specifications on our website where we make recommendations for machine pressure, temperature and time when fusing however, you should adapt this to the fabrics you are working with and machinery set up. We also provide details of recommended after care for washing or dry cleaning and colour stability.

Sew–in Interlining

We stock a wide range of sew–in interlinings in a range of weights for clothing and curtain manufacture, sarille interlining and blackout interlining fabrics.

205 Sew-in

Product description
A light weight soft handle interlining.

305 Sew-in

Product description
A light/medium weight medium handle interlining.

405 Sew-in

Product description
A flat, firm handle interlining.

605 Sew-in

Product description
A heavy weight medium handle interlining.

805 Sew-in

Product description
A heavy weight firm handle interlining.

1005 Sew-in

Product description
An extra heavy weight firm handle interlining.