Baize is a woven wool product that looks like felt but is much stronger. It is made from a dense 80% wool/20% nylon and is heavy and durable. Baize is a luxury, dense material that is twice the density of the average felt and weighs 340g/m² but is still only 1mm thick.

Baize is generally used as a table cover or to cover snooker and pool tables as well as card tables. Being ideally suited to these uses as it does not fray, pill or tear. Customers have also found that if you print onto our baize it can make the perfect base for table games.

An unusual historical fact about baize is that at one time, “the green baize door” (a door to which cloth had been tacked to deaden noise) in a house, often separated the servants’ quarters from the family’s living accomodation, hence the phrase’s usage as a metonym for domestic service.

Green Baize Cloth

Product description
80% Wool. 20% Nylon. Width: 180cm. Weight: 340g/m², 610g per linear metre.